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Above: Joe interviews someone who met up with Uncle Ned in the afterlife, and discovers shocking stuff about his kin that he never knew.

Who's Joe?

"Like a cross between Mark Twain and Tom Bodett, with a sprinkle of Festus (Ken Curtis,) Joe Castic will deliver observations and happenings of the day from a social humorist's POV. Occasionally podcasting from an assortment of exotic locations, and over time with a small caravan of colorful characters, Joe will keep you on the edge of your car seat or commode. Politics, religion, UFO's, bizarre news reports, it's all just another day in the life of Joe Castic." - iTunes

Joe with podcast sensorAnd where did he come from, and how did he get to be that way after only being abducted once, and all?

JoeThe answer to this, and so many other questions will eventually blurp up to the top during Joe's remarkable podcasts, but his story goes something like this:

Born in Kansas, grew up in "tornado alley", survived the 60s, then escaped to California the same year Charles Manson was on the loose. For some reason he had a really hard time hitch hiking and caught a near deadly case of poison oak so he settled down in Northern California near a town called Willits. There he stayed in one of the slightly dilapidated cabins of the Shangri La Motel. Joe remembered that folks never got sick in Shangri La, and never got old either, so figuring that it would be an excellent place to get over the kind of poison oak they grow in Big Sur, California, he decided to hang around for a while.

He stayed up there in Mendocino county for what he thought would be a short respite. Then one day he visited the local nude swimming hole and decided to linger a while longer...

30+ years latter, during which time he worked as a computer programmer, recording studio engineer, technical illustrator, book cover artist, voice over guy, and a web hosting company co-owner and technical support rep., Joe finally realized what he actually wanted to do when he grew up, which is to become an ace podcaster that even dudes like Mark Maron and his friend Tom Bodett (two major influences) may some day even come around to give a hoot.

JoeJoe currently lives with loving wife Shirley in the wilds of the San Francisco Bay Area where they are entertained constantly by two cats and an ample volume of customers and fans. Shirley and Joe also own and operate a highly successful internet based OTR station which you are personally invited to visit on-line and tune in! 20thCenturyRadio.com

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